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Automotive Tinting

There are many reasons to have your car windows tinted. Some people use window film for looks, while others need UV protection, and many want to keep out the heat or reduce unwanted glare. Whether it is your first car or the family SUV, we have films that will give you the looks and protection you are looking for!

With more than 20 years in the window film business we have learned that not all window films are the same and with the economy in its present condition there are new window film manufacturers opening their doors every year. After working with and testing many of today's modern custom tint window films we are confident that the products we use are the best. Scroll to tinting gallery.

LLumar ATC Series

For great looks that last LLumar ATC Series is the answer! LLumar ATC is our #1 selling automotive film which comes with a lifetime, color stable warranty that is guaranteed not to bubble or peel and will never change color. ATC series looks better than other non-conductive films, it does not look purple or green; it simply looks clean and optically clear. ATC offers privacy as well as heat and UV protection and comes in 4 shades to choose from. ATC is one of the longest lasting color stable films on the market today and is backed by a lifetime manufactures warranty as well as our own in house “No Fault Warranty”!

LLumar CTX Series

CTX Series uses innovative nano-ceramic technology and offers superior heat, glare and UV protection. In a world filled with GPS devices, mobile phones and satellite radio it's more important than ever that your window film blocks heat and not your connection with the outside world. CTX offers superior heat rejection similar to metallic window films without interfering with the signals from your electronic devices. CTX allows you to drive in style and connect with ease. CTX is an affordable ceramic film and is available in several different shades from light to limo and comes backed by a lifetime manufactures warranty as well as our own in house “No Fault Warranty”!

LLumar Air 80

LLumar Air 80 is 100% non-conductive and will not affect any of the electronic devices on today's modern car. Although Air 80 looks nearly clear when installed it still offers an amazing amount of heat rejection, IR rejection & it blocks 99.9% UVA & UVB rays. Backed by a lifetime manufactures warranty as well as our own in house “No Fault Warranty”. Reduce the heat, not the visibility with Llumar Air-80.